How to Create & Register Runescape Bot Accounts through a Proxy

This guide will cover how to properly create & register your Runescape account though a proxy. Most experienced botters know about the benefits of proxies for Runescape botting, and how they help avoid chain bans. However, an often overlooked step by new botters is making sure to create their accounts through proxies.

Why This is Important

If you only use proxies through your bot client, but not for account registration on the website, all of your accounts could still be linked to your home IP address. An important rule to remember is to use proxies from account registration to ban.

Our Favorite Runescape Botting Proxy Providers

We've tested and had great results with Runescape botting proxies from:

How to Create Runescape Accounts through a Proxy on Windows

1. Download Maxthon Browser

Maxthon Browser provides great SOCKS proxy support. You can download Maxthon Browser here.

2. Open Maxthon Settings

Once installed, open up the Maxthon proxy settings by navigating to: Menu > Settings > Advanced > Proxy Settings > Use Custom Proxy Settings

Maxthon Settings - RSBotSpot

Maxthon Settings

Maxthon Proxy Settings - RSBotSpot

Maxthon Settings

3. Enter your Proxy Information

Here, you can enter your proxy settings, and you’re good to go!

Maxthon Add Proxy - RSBotSpot

Maxthon Add Proxy

How to Create Runescape Accounts through a Proxy on MacOS

Note: This method applies the proxy to your entire system.

1. Open System Preferences

Press Command(⌘) + Spacebar, type ‘System Preferences’, press enter.

Maxthon Add Proxy - RSBotSpot

Opening System Preferences

2. Open Network Proxy Settings

Type ‘Proxy’, press enter.

Maxthon Add Proxy - RSBotSpot

Mac System Preferences

3. Enter Proxy Information

Select ‘SOCKS Proxy’ and enter your proxy settings. Click OK, then Apply.

Maxthon Add Proxy - RSBotSpot

Mac Proxy Settings

How to Confirm You’re on a Proxy

Simply Google: What’s my ip to check your IP address. Google should display your proxy IP address, and not your home IP address.
To check your home IP, you can Google: What’s my ip on a regular browser without a proxy applied.

What’s next

Congratulations, you did it! Now you can safely register your accounts through a proxy before botting. Make sure to check out our other guides: All About Proxies for Runescape Botting and How to use Proxies with TRiBot for more information!